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Grassbrook Walers

Pure Australian Horses & Ponies, with Colonial Class & Style. 

Please note, each horse has a Facebook album dedicated to them on our Grassbrook Walers page. They include the most up to date photos and details available, as well as relevant sale details.

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Grassbrook Shadrach F1041


26/11/2016 - WHSA Foal Recorded Gelding

Mt Murray Shah Jehan x Grassbrook Yalda Tova (Ong Bak x CM Desert Traveller)

Magnificent deep chestnut with good copper. Beautiful moving gelding with buckets of personality and huge "look at me "- competitive/cowhorse potential. Phenomenal stop, amazing lope and a very compact horse with excellent shoulder and feet. Sadly, the only foal of this breeding combination, and he would make for an exceptional competitive team penner or ranch sorter.

Green broken by LazyCreek Equine Education, rugging, float loading, tying and trimming, with minimal outings.


Apologies on the video quality!

Video; ridden, first time in 6 months. 12 months from breaking date with sum total of 8-9 rides after coming home from breaking.