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Grassbrook Walers

Pure Australian Horses & Ponies, with Colonial Class & Style. 

We have 2 yearling colts for sale, 1 is stallion quality.

We will have 5x  2022 season colts/geldings for sale on weaning, 2 are excellent stallion quality.

We currently have 2x rising 2/12 and 1x 3yr year old colts, for sale.

All youngstock currently requiring handling, gelding.

and age appropriate are scheduled for saddle-breaking  in early 

Summer 2023, then available from $8800 post saddle-breaking.

Looking to mature to 15-16hh.

Please contact for information

$5500 inc GST, at sale haltered, floating, feet, teeth.

All weanlings to 2/3 yr olds (Unbroken) start at $5500.