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Grassbrook Walers

Pure Australian Horses & Ponies, with Colonial Class & Style. 

SOLD  Grassbrook Ossar Pirro

Mt Murray Shah Jehan x CM Onyx Princess

Ossi is prime Pony Dressage potential, with beautiful self carriage and movement, confident in his flatwork under a disciplined rider, and would make an excellent competition horse.

He is currently in work, trail riding regularly with multiple dogs, flatworking, ridden in dressage, fender or stock saddles, easy floater, catching, trimming, tying, rugging, washing etc.


$11300 with full set of fitted gear

SOLD Grassbrook Tai Lyman

Mt Murray Shah Jehan x Circle M The Legend

Tai is working kindly under saddle, having been green broken by Michael Louden Equine, then under work for a further 5 weeks by Hamish of EagleView Performance Horses. He is currently trailing under myself and Willa my daughter, a 14yr old girl rider.

Excellent to saddle, tie, mount, working beautifully off the leg, responsive to voice and confident in trail situations, with multiple dogs, great foundations to transitions have been put in and he will make someone very happy with his strength and go-all-day ability. A horse that feels like there is a whole lot of horse under you with plenty to give.

Tai will continue in work until sold.


$9900 with full set of fitted gear

SOLD Grassbrook Gunman

NP Fonzarelli (owned by ANZAC Walers Vic) x Clayton Eclipse

2012 drop gelding, been broken in since 3, recently bushed for 2 years due to no rider, rising 9 and brought back in to lose weight and find a new home. He has excellent feet, solid bone, a fantastic chest, intelligent ears and a very snuggly nature.

Gunner is a personable gelding, with all ground handling established, no longer a young green horse, and took in a 10klm ride on his first ride back under saddle, unfazed. Gunner will be available in 10 weeks, at the conclusion of his weightloss and work regime.

He has been ridden by a child, and by adults, a few pony-ride visitors, and is looking for a permaent loving home.


** SOLD** Grassbrook Dykuma Tamerlan

24/11/2017 WHSA Foal Recorded bay gelding

Dykuma- lithuanian for "desert" Tamerlan- "iron one"

MM Shah Jehan x CM Desert Traveller.

Green-broken by LazyCreek Equine Education, then worked under saddle & further educated 6 months later by Hamish Dunbier of Eagleview Quarter Horses, ad going very kindly. Shouldn't mature over 14.3, hoping to be see him as Hunter, or Show pony- great get along, chugs along like a little steam train, with a friendly nature, a very willing little horses. Gelded, trimming, float loading, rugging, tying. Siblings by dam are all top notch horses, beautiful looking, great to train, and resulting in show quality stock well worth breeding & owning. He is sparky without being stupid, much like his full brother Grassbrook Shahpour.

Mature 14.3hh approx 

Below- first show entry results.

Grassbrook Dykuma Tamerlan- SOLD above & Below

SOLD Grassbrook Shadrach F1041

26/11/2016 - WHSA Adult Registered Gelding

Mt Murray Shah Jehan x Grassbrook Yalda Tova (Ong Bak x CM Desert Traveller)

Magnificent deep chestnut with good copper. Beautiful moving gelding with buckets of personality and huge "look at me" presence- competitive/cowhorse potential. Phenomenal stop, amazing lope and a very compact horse with excellent shoulder and feet. Sadly, the only foal of this breeding combination, and he would make for an exceptional competitive team penner or ranch sorter.

Currently lightly worked/ridden, and expanding his desensitising, trail riding, and basic cattle-handling. He is standing at 14.3hh, and may possibly stretch to 15hh.

Green broken by LazyCreek Equine Education; rugging, floating, tying and trimming, with minimal outings.

Finer type, with plenty of style, good bone, great shoulder and good length of rein.

Shadrach's Dam above left: Grassbrook Yalda Tova


SOLD Grassbrook Shahpour F1043

23/11/2016 - WHSA Adult Registered gelding.

Mt Murray Shah Jehan x CM Desert Traveller

Top quality gelding, with style and bone, from the queen of beautiful foals, Traveller. Floating movement with good elevation and well balanced markings. ..first to see WILL buy.

Show ring potential to burn, compact, well put together gelding sitting at approx 14.2hh.

Lovely calm nature. Inquisitive, generally unhurried on the ground and very ready to start his job, whatever that may be.

Green saddle broken, float loading, trimming, rugging & tying. Broken in at home, and fine tuned by Lazycreek Equine Education

Sol​d NSW

Above- First show entry result.  Has followed up with Champion Ridden Waler NSW Waler Breed Show 2022


Grassbrook Ranger's Apprentice F1044

2016- WHSA Adult Registered Gelding

Ong Bak x Talara Araluen

First foal for Talara Araluen (Providence El'Arish x Clayton Ebony)

Strapping, solid gelding.

Diagonal white hooves, mid canon on the hind, and fetlock on the fore, big blaze and estimated to mature to at least 15.3hh. Inquisitive and interested from birth- investigated humans on his first day very boldly with mum.

Showing a powerful hindquarter, with a very nice shoulder, should make a good honest workhorse/competition, with athleticism to burn: eventing/jumping prospect.

Very easy to catch, trim, saddle, clip, float load, rugging etc. Broken in by LazyCreek Equine Educatin and going very kindly- this is a horse to become old faithful at a young age..

Mature over 15.3hh.



Grassbrook Somerled Gilroy

Stunning looks, exceedingly good conformation and movement.

High adrenaline that is well worth focusing: extremely athletic and responsive when under work and training. Excellent jump ability and coordination, with dressage moves.

Mature over 16hh.

DECEASED To impaction colic.


Grassbrook Castiel F1045

17/2/16, chestnut gelding. Hind 3/4 canon white socks, white nearside front fetlock.

Castiel is an angel name, and means covered by God. Since we expected a very small drop this season, we found a few names to pick from, hence Seraphina and Castiel to date.

Currently weaned and halter broken- inquisitive and shoves his head in buckets without encouragement!

Ong Bak x CM Midnight


Grassbrook Bronyslav

2013 gelding, WHSA Adult Registered

Saddle broken, magnificent looking gelding, seems to have all the good parts in the right places- floating movement, kind eye, eager to please and plenty of solid bone with a lovely deep girth and big ground-holding feet, intelligent and well sprung, he has the hallmarks of being handy in any discipline, from hunter to stock horse. He gives the impression of there being a whole lotta horse,and feels incredibly solid under saddle.

saddle broken


Update; Multiple ribbon and broad ribbon placing horse in Dressage, Western Trail days, Ag Shows and also used as LH Parade Horse leading Townsville ANZAC Day parades.

Grassbrook Romeo Nomad

21/9/2014, A bay gelding, perfectly marked white hind coronets, like daddy, a decent sized star & complete with dorsal stripe, inherited from both parents. He is an evenly marked young gelding, suitable for pleasure or stockwork, mainly- no fabulous movement, just good honest style of solid horse. Lovely quiet nature, has been since the day he was foaled, sire is currently pony clubbing on coast after having been gelded. Dam is super quiet fast learning saddle horse, and Mum's firm favourite riding mare.

Has a very decent work ethic.

Branded, halter broken and float loading.

Foal Recorded


Sire: Circle M Walkabout

Dam: Juliet's Pride


Circle M Walkabout (2009)

14hh, and solid pony-type-

He has been broken in by Damien Judd of Moorelands Equestrian, Damien was also Waler gelding Ruperts' trainer, for the Equitana Waler Legacy Showcase, which was presented at Equitana, in Nov. 2013.

With his very solid bones, deep girth, short cannons and strong frame, he can carry a full sized adult all day, (or an oversized one, like me). He has been back to Damien for a refresher course and is currently under light work. He is quite a gentle little fellow, his unrugged coat shines like satin no matter what time of year and with a beautiful full tail, he has all the best hallmarks of his smart little mother and is a lovely young boy- He is a pleasure to own, currently rugged, had teeth floated 7/10/2014. He is quiet & easy to catch, saddle, trim, rug, groom, wash. He is inquisitive rather than spooky or wary, and has a very cool, calm nature.

WHSA Studbook Registered

Sire: Tempe Downs Station sire

Dam: CM Desert Traveller (pics in Mares page)


Colby SOLD

Colby- 14hh, buckskin-(ASH x Welsh/ASH; Radium Ash lines- Not WHSA Waler) 9 years old, gelding, microchipped during EI, unbranded: previously stallion registered with Buckskin Society and Australian Saddle Pony Association (as Grassbrook Colby), before being gelded and used on farm and mildly in hand shown. Colby is a stunning metallic colour in the summer, easily wiping the floor with other competitors in colour classes. As a young Stallion he was easily handled and good to work with; as a gelding he is better still. Photos show depth of colour, as well as summer colour fade.

He was gelded when we changed our breeding direction from ASH/QH to Waler, but has been a firm favourite and we have been unable to part with him to date. He's a great doer, has been ridden by all ages but is for sale to a knowledgeable home only; he requires a capable young rider, and has been back in work for 3 weeks after being unridden for 9 months, with predicatably, no issues. I currently have no suitable rider for him and it will be a couple of years before I do, therefore we have made the very difficult decision to sell. Great to rug, trim, catch and float.

He was professionally educated, by Adam Rowland, floats, feet, etc all great; Any further enquiries, please email or call me. This little man has been so special and the right home is a MUST. Currently in rugged & summer paddock condition, in light work, and awaiting his new home.

Has been Dilute Registered and ASP registered.

Sire: Misty Max (Welsh x ASH- deceased) buckskin

Dam: Djinn Djinn (ASH- deceased) chestnut


 Grassbrook Will Of His Own

Willoughby is unregistered out of Circle M The Legend and is rising 3 (D.o.B. October 2012). He is currently quite mentally immature, but being out of a pony type mare, appears that he will not mature to a big horse, averaging in the mid 14hh range. He will make a pleasure horse, but is not show quality. He is a very solid, slow, and unhurried type of pony; As he matures, it will be interesting to see whether he is kids' pony material. Hopefully, he will be. Nice compact conformation, very little/no education, comes to bucket/wheelbarrow, can pat/scratch but to knowledgeable home only. Currently in paddock condition, running with gelding/colts and heavily pregnant mares.

Sire: Ong Bak

Dam: Circle M The Legend


Photo in current home. Now a saddle horse and troop leader mount.