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Grassbrook Walers

Pure Australian Horses & Ponies, with Colonial Class & Style. 


Registration pending DNA

 d. Waler Heart Red Dust.

Sweet filly, very doe eyed, and has begun her handling.  She is finer limbed with a good barrel.

Grassbrook Retour En Noir

s. Grassbrook Merric x d. Naryilco Satine

1st foal in our 22/23 foal drop!

Sable dropped as a pure black, no white filly.. we were indeed Retour en Noir​!

Her coat has continued to stay black, save for some summer bleaching.  As her dam is 14.2 I don't expect her to go over this height, she's a pony type, with a very settled and unfazed attitude- the kind you see on a future lead mare- she comes up without fear or hesitation, and the other young stock part like the Red Sea to let her through!.

She will be in the first batch we wean soon, and is available for sale at completion, with deposit accepted now.

Her dam is an easy breeder, and I expect Rett will be too.  She's a beautiful, compact little filly with good solid conformation and bone.

Available to Stud home only haltered and WHSA foal recorded.

$5500 firm

Grassbrook Dorric

s. Grassbrook Merric x d. Grassbrook Detozi

A lovely, typey bay filly with movement and plenty of potential across any discipline, as well as a combination of good bloodlines, producing lovely horses- she would be an asset to any stud/breeder. Beautiful joints, clean markings and weaning now, Dorric holds some WA Waler lines in her genetics, namely Kimberely and Earaheedy, as well as JInka and Tempe.  Sold haltered, and foal recorded.



s. Grassbrook Merric d. Gerassbrook Yalda Ketana

Kingsley is the firsl foal from Ketana, and phenomenal offereing.  She's inherited both parents human-interactive personality, is very steady natured and is headed toward being an athletic, well-conformed horse with a consistent tempramwent and look to go with it.  Mare is in foal again (same sire) as we are very happy with Kingsley.  She will suit any discipline, in the right hands and is an excellent choice to breed with, into the future.  Grand dam's station origin lines are very rare and the temptament is second to none.



s. Grassbrook  Merric  d. Redgum Bellami

Bellini is a magnificent red filly, no white, a good chestnut/liver coloured little lady, who is excellently conformed, doesnt have the bling that requires/washing/care, but makes up for it in personality and style.  She is an excellent mover, like her dam, and Merric has contributed buckets of his temperament. Another filly who will excel in any discipline.



s. Kimberley Luluigui  d. CM Midnight

Merrics maternal sister, but the gorgeous 'Billy', Roony is a liver chestnut, at this stage.  She has her sire's leggy finesse, and her dams compact barreell.  I expect her to truly develop into a sgowstipper, especially having seen Billy's progeny, and knowing how good Midnights goals are, I'm very excited to have Kimberley x Tempe cross into a good looking young filly, with some exciting future ahead of her.


Grassbrook Kallistrate Twila *FOR SALE*

Foal Rec'd. 2014 filly

Another half sister to the mighty Legend, and undergoing halter breaking. A lovely natured filly, with good girth depth and set to mature well, and a better type than full sister Belatrix. She should hit a handy 14.3 to 15hh.

Ong Bak x CM Midnight

$3500 firm unbroken


Grassbrook Massa Sameacha***FOR SALE***

Adult Rego pending

WHSA Reg # F0819. filly -16.1hh & still growing.

Sameacha (pronouced Sam-eek-a) or Meka; Her name in Hebrew means Joyful Journey.

Massive Meka is a nice solid chestnut, her potential as a pleasure horse is huge, as she is smart and eager to please. She has floating movement, and even as a baby, reflected power, developing into a lovely big framed lady with presence and elegance. An absolute powerhouse: She is sweet, attentive and a constant "tryer". She is in very good paddock condition (nearly show condition). Meka will not fit on a standard straight load float as she is just too big. Currently standing at approx. 16.1hh, and is very solid.

Started well by Moorelands Equestrian.

Ong Bak x CM Kate's Quest


Grassbrook Adelita Zyngara- *For Sale*

Foal Rec'd. 2014 filly -Full sister to Mass Sameacha, Addy is a big filly, and very striking. Better conformation than Sameacha, big boned, lovely moving with eyecatching cadence. She is going to be another big horse, and not slated to stay on the farm due to her height. As she continues to mature and her conformation is impressive, she would be a very decent broodmare to inject some height into your stud program, & if as athletic as she appears, a nice jump prospect with dressage worth paces.

Currently has been backed and started under saddle, with basics under her belt- rugging, mouthed, trimming etc.

Spelling atm due to injury.

pic: first time backed.

Ong Bak x CM Kate's Quest